Saint Nektarios Monastery

The Saints

Concerning the Saints

God Gives Glory to His Saints
    Scriptural Testimony

God Works Miracles through His Saints
    Scriptural Testimony

We Must Honor the Saints
    by Saint John of Damascus

He Who Honors The Lord Also Honors His Saints
    from the book Nothing is Incurable for Saint Nektarios

The Saints in Heaven Hear Our Prayers
    by Saint Silouan the Athonite

The Saints Desire Our Salvation and Have The Ability To Help Us
    by Saint John of Kronstadt

Lives and Miracles of the Saints

Miracles of Saint John the Honorable Forerunner
    Compiled and Translated by Saint Nektarios Monastery

Saint Agathon
    Commemorated January 8th

Saint Ephraim of Nea Makri
    Commemorated May 5th

Saint George Karslidis
    Commemorated November 4th

Saint Nicholas the Former Soldier
    Commemorated December 24th

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